It’s about design, obviously.

It's about my twenty-two years as an art director and creative director and the work I produced in that period.

It's about a desire to design obviously.

It's a philosophy of simplicity, accessibility and utility. It's not the easy way out or cliché.  It's about designing with function in mind so that marketing materials are tools that serve a client's business - increasing sales, building brand awareness or promoting an event. More often than not, it requires a lot of thought and consideration. It's the solution that gives you that "Aha!" moment.

About me

As a creative director for a large publicly traded company, I managed a team of designers and a videographer in a fast-paced corporate marketing department. I was responsible for concepting national campaigns and art directing photo and video shoots. In addition to the strategic and creative aspects of my career, I enjoy mentoring those I manage with the goal of helping them in their own career development.