David Barras

Creative Direction | Graphic Design | Print Production

It’s about design, obviously.

It's about my twenty-two years as an art director and creative director and the work I produced in that period.

It's about a desire to design obviously.

It's a philosophy of simplicity, accessibility and utility. It's not the easy way out or cliché. 

It's about designing with function in mind so that marketing materials are tools that serve a client's business - increasing sales, building brand awareness or promoting an event.

More often than not, it requires a lot of thought and consideration. It's the solution that gives you that "Aha!" moment.



About me

As a creative director for a large publicly traded company, I managed a team of designers and a videographer in a fast-paced corporate marketing department. I was responsible for concepting national campaigns and art directing photo and video shoots.

In addition to the strategic and creative aspects of my career, I enjoy mentoring those I manage with the goal of helping them in their own career development.



More recently, I was part of a core team that oversaw the revision of the company’s brand. As creative director, I was responsible for insuring the final visual system was consistent with our new brand and would support our voice. This began with the selection of the agency who would conduct the research on which to base our new brand, and continued as I led the team of designers through the conception and design of a new visual system. The project culminated with a nationally streamed live event where I presented the new visual brand to all associates.